Welcome, to Jet Sword Comics!

IT'S FESTIVAL TIMERU! - Come visit us at Stockholm's international comic festival! + NEW PAGE, AHH!!

Comic Goats and Festival Shrimps! How are we all doing today?

This weekend we will be at Stockholm's International Comic Festival and sell a bunch of fierce stuff! If you happen to be located in Stockholm at that time we hope to see and chat to you at the fest! B)
The next page of The Next Reaper (tehehe) will be up on the 24th of May! Me and Jimp won't have access to any computer during the festival in Stockholm (HOW WILL I SURVIVE??) so can't work on anything while there ._. But at least I get a little vacation, right? Haha? Haha-ha... haaah.... OH GOD I MISS MY COMPUTER ALREADY

As for the page this week: We have two more pages left of monster-church action before we return to our witty space cloud, newborn reaper and the always so happy daddy Death in the Underworld!

Short and snazzy update. Me likey!
You all stay fabulous now, buds!

- Jet Da "No-Computer-Access" Goat & Jimp the "I-Never-Use-Computers-Anyway" Shrimp

May 16th, 10.00 P.M

Riding souls! - What hides inside that church?

Strawberry goats and chocolate shrimps! How are we all doing today?

This week has been filled with preparations for the Swedish comic festival in Stockholm the 20th - 21st of May. OH MY! We now have stickers, fanzines, posters, a roll-up and pins prepared. YAY! After we're done with the con (did I just make a rhyme?) we'll start selling the merch online as well :3

As for the page this week: We start chapter 5 with some MONSTERS, A CHURCH, CRASHED CARS and... LOST SOULS! Oh my, I think I'm gonna have to sit down for a minute *phew* What hides inside the church, you may ask? ... No? You didn't ask that? Well then I'm asking the question for you, because something IS hiding inside that church... Bam bam baaaam.... OwO

We recieved a super fierce Gluttony fan art the other day, made by the incredible ForeignBlackJack on DeviantArt! You can check out the piece by following the link below the first link :')

I've been eating waaay too many chocolate balls this week, ugh... They are so yummy, but my belly can't fit any more of them. That is sad ;w;

Stay awesome now and keep on snacking! Which I can't. Because I don't have more room (at least not for an hour)
- Jet Da "I'll-Never-Eat-That-Many-Chocolate-Balls-Again" Goat & Jimp the "...-Just-Give-It-10-Minutes-And-You'll-Have-Forgotten-About-That-Promise" Shrimp

May 11th, 10.00 P.M

"Hello" - Chapter 5 begins + Gluttony sketches!

Monster goats and nightmare shrimps! How are we all doing today?

So, bud... Are you ready to face your sins? In chapter 5 we will meet our very first monstrosity... dear old Gluttony! Make sure to keep an eye on your family and friends, guys... or Gluttony might eat them *BITE* Oh my! That was close ;_;

Me and Jimp hope that you have enjoyed chapter 4 and the entire story this far! We want to thank you oh so much for all the support you have given us during these months. We love you *hugs x 1000*

- Jet Da "PLEASE-DONT-EAT-ME-I-TASTE-OF-OLD-GOAT" Goat and Jimp the "Shrimps-Are-Too-Small-To-Feed-A-Monster-Anyway" Shrimp

May 6th, 3.00 P.M

Son...? - New page + Q&A + Planet comic con!!

Ice goats and cream shrimps! How are we all doing today?

Quite a quick update this week since I've been working on the Q&A for two days now and need sleep xD
The Q&A is ready to check out on Webtoons and Tapastic! Huge thanks to all of you who sent in a question, it was so much fun to go through them :3 I've said it before and I'll say it again, you buds have really good imagination!

And look at this! A WEBSHOP IS NOW OPEN! YES finally! It's thanks to the awesome team at Phoenix Dreams Publishing that we can finally offer you some snazzy The Next Reaper prints! A loooot more will be added to the shop soon enough and we'll post an update about it when it happens c:

Planet comic con is this weekend! WOOP GO KANSAS! If you're going, make sure to look for Phoenix Dreams Publishing at booth 902 to place your hands on some Next Reaper posters!

That's it for now. Stay AWESOME, keep on ROCKING and remember to always change your socks when you're having a cold!

- Jet Da "I-Smell-Chicken-Out-In-The-Kitchen" Goat & Jimp the "I-Smell-Hospital-Snacks-Since-I'm-At-The-Hospital-;_;" Shrimp (Don't worry, buds. It's nothing too serious. Hopefully Jimp will be back home in a day or two)

April 27th, 10.00 P.M

Ouch! That looks painful ;_; - New page + C2E2 update!

Chicken goats and egg shrimps! (Was that some sort of special Easter intro altough it's way too late for that? Why yes. Yes it was.) How are we all doing today?

Early update today because... Because I love you, guys *blushes* I do... You buds make my life complete and I want to get these pages out as quick as possible for you.
Yesterday I got back from a 10 days vacation in my home town! Felt good to take a break. I finally got to wrestle my dog (she won) and eat real food \o/

As for the page this week: HOLY CHEESE DOODLES! For being an old skeleton, daddy Death sure has more strength than one can imagine! Looks like Grim will have problems to chew the food from now on *BA-DOM-TSSH!* AHA-HAHA-HAA... But hey wait a minute... He's a skeleton. He didn't eat in the first place? Bad joke ._.

And hey! If you live in the U.S and just happens to visit C2E2 in Chicago this weekend, don't forget to drop by Phoenix Dreams Publishing at booth 116 to place your hands on some The Next Reaper posters! It would make me and Jimp very happy =]

That's it for now!
Stay awesome and rememeber that cheese might be expensive, but it's still cheaper than buying an entire cow *words of wisdom*

- Jet Da "I-Never-Realized-How-Expensive-Cheese-Is-Until-I-Started-Living-On-my-Own" Goat & Jimp the "I-Love-Cheese-On-Everything" Shrimp

April 20th, 9.00 P.M

Phoenix Dreams Publishing! - Will you visit C2E2 or Planet Comicon?

Ice cream goats and strawberry shrimps! How are we all doing today?

Wow, a lot has happened this week! Let's begin with our new team-up! We are super proud to announce that The Next Reaper has teamed up with the new publishing company Phoenix Dreams Publishing in the U.S!
This is going to mean a lot of cool stuff for us, buds. For example that you will be able to buy The Next Reaper PRINTS at both C2E2 in Chicago and Planet Comicon in Kansas this month! HURRAY!
Me and Jimp won't be able to be there in person since we're located in Sweden, but for every print that you buy you support us pretty much directly, so make sure to look for Phoenix Dreams Publishing if you're visiting these sweet cons this month! C2E2 takes place April 21 - 23 and Planet Comicon April 28 - 30. I'm jealous of all of you who actually get to be there xD

Also, THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the amazing questions you asked last week! Me and Jimp can't wait to answer all of them in the extra long Q&A episode the 28th this month =] Remember that you can still ask us questions, just visit us on Webtoons, Tapastic or DeviantArt and drop a comment!

That's it for today. A lot of cool stuff is coming up and we can't wait to show them to you! But until then, stay awesome and keep on rocking!

- Jet Da "I-Can't-Stop-Using-The-Exclamation-Marks-!!!" Goat & Jimp the "I'm-Happy-You-Don't-Scream-As-Much-IRL-As-You-Do-In-These-Texts" Shrimp

April 14th, 11.00 P.M

5000 subscribers on Webtoons! - Let's celebrate with a Q&A!

Golden goats and platinum shrimps! HOW ARE WE ALL DOING?

Early update today! Do you know why? Are you ready for some great news? Yesterday we reached the golden number of 5000 subscribers on Webtoons.com! HOLY CHEESE AND STRAWBERRY JAM! You guys are simply too amazing for this world! Have we ever told you how much we love you? We love you more than tacos, NACHOS and opening presents at Christmas! And those are some of our favorite things ever C:

To celebrate 5000 subscribers on Webtoons we're holding a Q&A! Go ahead and ask those snazzy questions of yours in the comments on either DeviantArt, Tapastic or Webtoons. On Friday the 28th of April we're going to answer all of them in an extra long Q&A episode, so make sure your question/s will be there for us to answer!

As for the page this week: Shapeless, old friend... You're in some big trouble now...

That's it for now. Stay awesome now, and for all of you who are about to celebrate easter, make sure to have a great time!

Hugs, kisses and salsa
- Jet Da "I-Can't-Wait-To-Visit-My-Grandma-And-Eat-Aaall-The-Tasty-Easter-Food!" Goat & Jimp the "...-Can-I-Have-Some-Of-That-Too?" Shrimp

April 6th, 11.00 P.M

You complete me... - Flashback time!

Fellow goats and ice cream shrimps! How are we all doing today?

I feel like I've been really productive this week, buds! Let's see what has been accomplished since the last time we had a chat... Yesterday, I finished up the last illustrations and comic strips for a book that has been on my schedule for two months! I've created some new business cards, put together a ready to print version of The Next Reaper (the prologue, that will say :'3 ) and last but not least, I've FINALLY slapped myself enough on the knees to get started on my project description for year 2 in school! Let's cross all fingers and toes that you own for that I'll get in ;_;

As for the page this week: Holy pineapple, Grim. You have a secret skill for flashbacks, that's for certain! In this second fashback we get to see a glimpse of Death's life (pun intended) before the apocalypse. It looks like our grumpy old dragon had a time in his life (hard to not make puns here) when he was actually happy... A long, long time ago...

Now, remember to take good care of your loved ones and ALWAYS stay ready to snap a photo of aliens if you're walking outside!

Hugs and tacos
- Jet Da Alien Goat & Jimp the UFO Shrimp

March 24th, 9.30 P.M

They just keep fighting... - Another week, another page!

Sugar Goats and Fancy Shrimps! How are we all doing today?

So quite a quick update today. I FINALLY got to buy some candy for the weekend (yes, I do try to only eat candy on the weekends. It's about CONTROLLING your own body! And man, I'm so bad at it ;__;) so I've been all fired up and sugar high the entire evening. WOOH! \o/

As for the page this week: Are they on it AGAIN? Oh my, those two never stop to argue. Looks like our little Grim is catching quite a bad headache right there. Kinda like me when I sleep for too long. Yeah, I get a headache for the rest of the day if I sleep for more than 8 hours... D:

That's it for today! See you soon again with another page, another smile and more tacos! Wait, where's the tacos?
- Jet Da "Taco-Hungry" Goat & Jimp the "Tacos-For-President" Shrimp

March 17th, 10.00 P.M

Now look at that! - The scythe turns into a...?

Movie goats and popcorn shrimps! How are we all doing today?

Oh my. Haaah... My head has felt like it's run over by a truck for almost a week now, and I don't know why! Haven't I been drinking enough water? Am I sleeping in a bad position? I dont know, buds... I just hope it will be over soon xP

As for the page this week... Now look at that! You guys had a lot of awesome ideas for what would happen to the scythe in this page. I'm impressed! You have REALLY cool imagination! One of you came really really close, guessing that the scythe would turn into a sword. Good job, SilverArtWolf on Tapastic! This scythe could actually be used as a sword. And a spear. And a microwave oven. (I'm not too sure about the last thing there...)

HUGE thanks to all of you for your support on the "Let Jet enter year 2" page! We're almost at 400 comments, which is completely AMAZING! I can't wait to show the teachers of the school what great readers you are, thank you so much for supporting me and Jimp and our dark fantasy adventure!

Stay awesome now and keep on rocking!
- Jet Da "I-Don't-Have-A-Microwave-Oven-Over-Here-D:" Goat & Jimp the "I'm-Going-To-Cook-Some-Eggs-:3-NOT-In-The-Microwave-Oven-Tho'!" Shrimp

March 10th, 10.00 P.M

What could it be...? - AMAZING support and another cliffhanger!

Oh my dog, buds. WOW! WOW WOW WOW what an AMAZING support you've given me on the "Let jet enter year 2!" page!
Three days ago I put up a note on DeviantArt, Webtoons and Tapastic asking all of you fellow goats and space shrimps to help me out! I'm about to apply for the second year in my comic education, which is extremely hard since they take in around 11 people. With your help tho', it feels like one of those precious spots might be mine! We've already collected more than 300 comments all in all! And I gotta say... You buds are just the sweetest. A bunch of your comments was so kind and boosting. Wow... Brought tears of joy into my little goat eyes. Thank you so so much!

As for the page this week: "...Jet, really? Another cliffhanger?" Yuss, my friend. That is correct indeed! We can't get enough of those cliffhangers, now can we? (please don't throw tacos at me *runs and hides in a corner* D:)
What do you think this special feature is all about?

Stay awesome now and keep on rocking!!
- Jet Da "I-Think-The-Special-Feature-Has-Something-To-Do-With-Aliens!" Goat and Jimp the "EVERYTHING-doesn't-involve-aliens-...-Or-Does-It?" Shrimp

March 4th, 6.00 P.M

Our very first flashback! - Let's go back in time in page 72!

This week I've had a little break from school, what we in Sweden call a "Sport break"! That... sounds more like if we're taking a break from practicing for the Olympics... Hmm... Well I've had an amazing time, meeting up with friends and family c: Finally got to hug my favorite shrimp Jimp again, and we've been out on a bunch of sweet adventures! We went to see the new movie "A cure for wellness" the other day. Oh buds... The first thing I heard about that movie was that it includes scenes that stay in your mind for days, and sure thing. I can't stop thinking about especially one scene that really got STUCK in my head! Don't want to give away any spoilers, but it included tubes and eels... (scary scary scene) x-x
Because of the little vacation, this page is up a bit later than we're trying to aim for. But don't worry buds, next week we should be back to the normal schedule again B)

Speaking about the page... What's going ON here?? Grim is having his very first FLASHBACK! Yes indeed! We will experience a lot of these flashbacks throughout the story, to help us put together some parts of the puzzle and get us up to date with what has happened with all the characters before we came in.

This page (without the text) will be an available wallpaper for our Patrons on Patreon! If you want to help me and Jimp out, then feel free to check our Patreon page and MAYBE maybe even join the family and become a Patron! :D Today we're also sending out some of the rewards to our supporters on Patreon! Handmade letters with personal text written on the back, and some pins! Hope to someday be able to send some of these stuff to you as well :)

That's it for now! You stay awesome now and keep on rocking! - Jet Da "Fanta-Is-My-Favorite-It's-Yummy-Yum-Delicious!" Goat & Jimp the "No-way-Coca-Cola-For-LIFE!" Shrimp

February 24th, 11.00 P.M

I KNEW IT!! - The real scythe reveals itself in page 71!

Strawberry goats and liquorice shrimps! How are we all doing today?

We're back again with another page and OH MY HOLY VANILLA BUN! ... Is that a BLADE I see? No, No wait. It's not a blade... It's TWO BLADES! Aha! I knew that stick was hiding something!

Earlier this week we had Valentine's day sneaking up on us. Did you celebrate it with friends, partners or maybe your family? No matter how you chose to celebrate it (IF you did) I hope you had a good day :) I know two that had a VERY good day: Our winning couple from the Valentine's day voting! Can you guess which ones we're talking about? Mhm. Mmmmhm. Yes. Yes indeed. Shapeless and Death took home the prize and got to celebrate the day together (I'm sure both of them found the prize to be very enjoyable)
You can download the picture either on our DeviantArt page (jetdagoat.deviantart.com) or our Patreon (patreon.com/jetdagoat) to spread the undying love of our odd, but fabulous, couple ^u^

Now, the new pages are going to be published between a time span of 5 to 7 days. I'm so happy that you guys are so patient with us. Believe me, sooner or later we will be able to make these pages faster, but for the moment it's really really hard to publish more than what I wrote.

Stay awesome now, buds! And see you soon again with another page!
- Jet Da "I-Bought-Myself-Some-Chocolate-And-Played-On-My-PS4-To-Celebrate-Valentine's-Day" Goat & Jimp The "Meh-Chocolate-Is-Old-School-I-Ate-Pizza-Instead!" Shrimp

February 17th, 8.00 P.M

Happy Valetine's Day! - Deathless love is forever.

Lovely goats and heart shrimps! How are we all doing today?

Everyone from The Next Reaper want to wish you a happy Valentine's day! ESPECIALLY the winning couple from our Valentine's voting: Death and Shapeless! Or "Deathless" (every couple should have their own fabulous shipping name, right?) Huge thanks to one of our readers that came up with the shipping name several weeks ago! Unfortunately I couldn't find your name but may the cookies be forever in your favor and let the chocolate rain!

Hugs and kisses to everyone
Jet Da Goaty Goat & Jimp the Kissing Shrimp

February 14th, 2.00 P.M

THANK YOU! - 4K subscribers on Webtoons + New page!

Golden goats and diamond shrimps! How are we all doing today?

Wow! WOW WOW WOW! The very first thing I want to talk about this week is the absolutely INSANE amount of amazing support we've gotten from you buds! You have been so kind to us and your comments have really boosted both me and Jimp to keep working hard on this comic. So thank you so so much for that! And oh my! We recently hit over 4000 subscribers on Webtoons! HOW CRAZY IS THAT?? Everyone should go out and grab a muffin to celebrate this! Yes, get some sugar! It's Friday after all B)
We've put up a little thank you picture under the latest page on our Webtoons! Go check it out to see me and Jimp, in all his SHRIMPY glory!

As for the page this week: Woah! NO MORE BLUE!! In the previous page Death, Shapeless and Grim leave the Mirror room (That we like to call it) and I gotta say... It feels kinda good to start using more colors again, haha :') Hope you like it! Took me some time to come up with the right colors for this one.

That's it for this week. As you know, we're trying to produce new pages a bit faster than before, so from now on it should take between 4 to 7 days to create a new page. Hopefully we can keep it up! We'll do our very best c:

Stay awesome now and keep on rocking!
- Jet Da "I-Bought-Some-Candy-This-Afternoon-And-Everything-Is-Already-Almost-Eaten-;_;" Goat & Jimp the "Does-My-Shrimp-Body-Look-A-Bit-Chubby-In-That-Thank-You-Picture?" Shrimp

February 10th, 9.30 P.M

Vote for your favorite pairing! - Vote for thos year's Valentine's card + New page up!

Fellow goats and space shrimps! How are we all doing today?

Busy week! Lots to do! Hurray hurray! So a rather quick update this time ^^

For the page: ... Uhm, Death...? You know there's no blade on that stick, right..? Poor old dragon, going senile faster than we expected D:

IT'S VALENTINE'S DAY SOON, BUDS! Even if you're going to celebrate it with a partner, your friends, family or pets I suggest that you head over to our DEVIANTART and vote for what pair you'd like to see for this year's Valentine's card! IT'S GETTING TIGHTER IN THE TOP! If you want your favorites to make it you need to fly over there and drop that vote of yours! :D

See you soon again, you awesome people. Jimp and I love you so much and we wish we could throw lots of love muffins at each and everyone of you!

Keep rocking and rollin' now.
- Jet Da Rocker Goat and Jimp the Salsa Shrimp

February 4th, 8.30 P.M

How can it be a scythe if it doesn't have a blade!? - New page up, and huge thanks to our new Patrons!

Howdy-ho, fellow goats and space shrimps! How are we all doing today?

Another week another page! Hey... Wait a minute... That ain't 100% true, now is it? As you may have noticed, we published a page this week already and now... there's another one! What we are TRYING to do here is to speed up the process a bit more, since you buds have been AMAZING, yes I'll shout it again but louder this time *takes a deep breath* AMAZING!! With all your support for this comic! Me and Jimp always read your comments and we have really tried to focus on one of the things that you have really asked for: More pages! Since I'm a student with homework and because I recently got a job, time is pretty limited. BUT our new goal is to release a new page every 5th day instead of every 7th! At least it's something, right?

As for the page: Hey... How can that be a scythe? It doesn't even have a blade!??

Huge thanks to our two new Patrons: Mattias Fredriksson and Celia Riojas! You guys are helping us build a nice future for The Next Reaper and for that, you have our eternal gratitude *hugs x 1000*

See you soon again with another page. Remember to eat your vegetables, and not your socks!
- Jet Da Cheese Goat & Jimp The Doodle Shrimp

January 29th, 9.30 P.M

Such a sunny fella, that dragon - Early update! Page 67 is ready to be read!

Fellow DINO goats and random awesome shrimps! How are we all doing today?

Nahw nahw, no worries buds. I haven't lost my mind and believe that Tuesday is Friday, just worked really hard to get this page out earlier for you! Since, you know... *Starts scrapping with the foot in the ground* I love you... (And truth to be told, that IS the only reason to why this page is out earlier than normal xD Because you guys make me feel really good about creating, and reading your comments always makes me happy :) And I know that many of you have asked if we could speed up the updates, so this is my try of doing exactly that! We'll see if we can keep it up! I'LL DO MY VERY BEST! *Goat powers activated!*)

As for the page this week... Yes, daddy Death is, and will always be, one of the happiest characters you will ever encounter *Sarcasm dripping from every edge of that sentence*

Since this page is up three days earlier than normal, the next page won't be up this Friday. But it should be up before the week is over! ^^

Stay awesome now, buds!
- Jet Da Chocolate Goat & Jimp the vanilla Shrimp (Damn, that made me want candy)

January 24th, 7.00 P.M

And the name is... - Shout-out, name reveal and new style on Shapeless in page 66!

Howdy, cowboy goats and alien shrimps! How are you all doing today?

Holy pancakes! Shapeless! What has happened to you, mate? Had a little make over, huh? Yuss, as you can see if comparing our little space cloud to the previous pages, Shapeless has a "new design"! We tried to add in a little more space feels, you know, to get that GALACTIC IMPORTANT BEING aura *yuss* Hope you buds like it!
And HUGE thanks to everyone who wrote such amazing name suggestions in the comments last week! We found several ones that we loved but unfortunately we'd already decided the name since a year back xD Thank you anyway, it was really awesome to read (You buds have really amazing imagination!)

And today we're also highlighting a very talented artist on DeviantArt: Cloudaue! The winner of our Fan Art December contest 2016! To see the coolest GIF of Grim and Death, go visit her DeviantArt page and drop a sweet comment (I know you buds are awesome at that c:)

That's it for today! Remember to eat your vegetables and always switch socks every 10 minutes if you're having a cold.
Stay fierce!
- Jet Da Dino Goat & Jimp the Hamster Shrimp

January 20th, 8.00 P.M

What should we name you...? - Take a bite of our freshly made page 65!

Salad goats and cucumber shrimps! How are we all doing today?

AHHHHHH oh my, this week has been CRAZY filled with stuff to do! EVERYTHING (And I'm not joking now) that I'm currently working on has a deadline in the middle of March. Everything! When April gets here I'm going to be way too pumped up, going all "huh?? There's nothing more to do now?? What? NOTHING!?"

Let's talk about the page this week, shall we?
Shapeless keeps going parent-y on our little reaper, and Death, old and bitter as always, can't help but nagging about stuff. Everything's in order, so to speak!
And next week you guys will finally have a NAME for our newborn reaper kid! Looking forward? I know I'm looking forward to go play some Ark Survival Evolved, dang... I can't get enough of it! (I was a big Minecraft addict before, so now when I can ride DINOSAURS in kinda the game... CRAZY! I'm in love...)

Stay awesome now, buds, and see you again soon!
- Jet Da "I'm-Gonna-Catch-The-Biggest-Rexie-In-The-Game" Goat & Jimp the "I'm-Gonna-Catch-The-Biggest-Chicken-In-The-Game!" Shrimp

January 13th, 8.00 P.M

Fuzzy fuss! - The first page of 2017 is here!

Christmas Goats and New Year's Shrimps! How are we all doing today?
Did you have a great start on 2017? Yeah? Nahw...? Did a dog eat your socks again, bud...? Yeah, I know the struggle... It's a war I fight everyday (Darn, fluffy, sock-eating dogs!)

It's only two days left now until school starts over here. Yup, going back this Monday. Will be nice to meet up with the comic crew again but I won't lie. I'LL MISS ALL THE TASTY FOOD I GET WHEN I'M AT HOME WITH MY FAMILY! Ahh... Well well. Back to the student NOODLES and looots of eggs \o/

Had some extra help this week wih the beta reading! A really talented comic artist from Webtoons.com, named Octane, gave me some feedback, which was amazing! Big thanks for all the help :) Go check out Octane's comic "The Soul Returns to the Earth" on Webtoons if you're up for a good read!

As for the page this week... They just can't stop the fuss, now can they? At least our new reaper keeps his calm (it's always good when someone who has been alive for about 5 minutes acts more grown up than two ancient ones) Death: Are you calling me old?

Stay snazzy now, mates!
- Jet Da "I-Need-More-Soda-But-I'm-Too-Lazy-To-Leave-The-Computer" Goat And Jimp the "I-Almost-Froze-My-Noes-And-Knees-Off-Today-Brrr...-SO-COLD!" Shrimp

January 6th, 11.00 P.M

Happy new year! - New promises for 2017 + The Next reaper spotlit on Smackjeeves?!

Flying goats and swimming shrimps! How are we all doing today? Holy pancakes what a YEAR! You guys have made 2016 to a wonderful year for me and Jimp, with all your feedback, kind words and support. We can't thank you enough for that! We also can't thank you enough for all the INCREDIBLE fan art drawings we recieved to the Fan Art December contest! Go check all the entries out on our Facebook page and don't forget to show the artists some love, just like they did for us by drawing all these cool pictures :)

For the page this week: Shapeless seems to make some strange CURLS when they are feeling satisfied. Hmm, now look at that. We learn something new about these characters everyday (None of us knew that Shapes did that kind of thing until today, they always surprise us!)

OH AND HEY! Guess what? The Next Reaper has been spotlit on Smackjeeves.com! That means you're going to see Grim and Death in their spotlight banner on the front page, now that's kinda fierce, isn't it? B)

Both me and Jimp want to wish you a happy new year and a great start on 2017! I have a goal to try and upload at least 2 pages per week for 2017, and I WILL DO MY BEST to keep that promise! Cross your fingers for us ;)

Stay snazzylicious now!
- Jet Da "I've-Just-Finished-My-Bag-With-Potato-Chips-...-Time-To-Move-On-To-Jimp's!" Goat & Jimp the Protective-Potato Shrimp

December 30th, 11.00 P.M

Merry Christmas! - Time to hand out the gifts! + Fan Art December winners announced!

Merry Christmas to all of you, fellow goats and shrimps!
Me and Jimp want to give you a special little gift this year, featuring Grim and another character that hasn't been introduced yet! But you will see a lot more of her in the future. A loooot more...

And the winners have been announced for the Fan Art December contest! Celebrate your Christmas with some cool art from creative artists from every corner of our world B)

Thank you all so much for everything :) See you soon again with new updates!
- Jet Da Goaty Goat & Jimp the Snow Shrimp

December 25th, 10.00 P.M

Ho Ho Ho! - Christmas is just around the corner!

Christmas Goats and Reindeer Shrimps! How are we all doing today?
Christmas is just around the corner (AHHHHH *Happy goat shout*) and with that it's about time for us to round up our Fan Art December contest! If you haven't sent in your entry yet, make sure to give it a go now! The 25th we'll announce the winners :)

As for the page this week: FINALLY some more panels! Yes, I know it's been kinda AIRY these last couple of pages. Me and Jimp decided to change that and put in some more panels and text (and I think that's how it will be now for a couple more of them.) There's quite a bunch of information coming up, I can tell you... Shapeless and Death have already placed themselves in the parenting roles. The instincts are strong in these ones!

Ohh, and guess what? ... Jimp and I got a little secret GIFT waiting for all of you ;D NAH, NO SNEAKPEAKING! You'll have to wait until tomorrow before you get to open it *Tough Goat*

Stay awesome now, buds, and Merry Christmas to all of you who are celebrating it!
- Jet Da Snowball Goat and Jimp the Ice Shrimp

December 23rd, 8.00 P.M

The window sees it all... - A new page is here! So sorry for the delay, buds :/

Goaty Goats and Sweet Shrimps! How are we all doing today?

I'm SO SORRY for the late update, buds! It has been a crazy busy week D: I've just returned home to my family for the Christmas holiday, my mother had her birthday, I'm trying to finish up a horror comic for school... There's so much preparations to take care of! So once again, I'm so sorry for the delay. It doesn't happen very often but when it does, I feel like poop :/

As for the page this week: We get a glimpse of two characters that we will see a lot more of further into the comic! God and the Devil themselves. (The Devil was a blast to draw, I want to draw him moooore *-*)

Don't forget to send in your entry/entries to the fan art december Contest! The 25th of December we announce the winners :)

Once again huge thanks to all of you for 3000 subscribers on Webtoons! I'll make sure to draw a nice thank you picture as soon as possible ^^

Stay fierce buds and see you soon!
- Jet Da "I'm-Finally-Home-Again-Which-Means-REAL-FOOD-WOOP!!" Goat and Jimp the "I-Always-Eat-Real-Food-Because-Im-A-Luxury-Shrimp" Shrimp

December 17th, 4.00 P.M

Thank you! - Page 60 is here and... 3000 subs on Webtoons?!

Snow Goats and Beach Shrimps! (Yes, there as still warm beaches out there altough none of that can be found over here, in this cold, cold place called Sweden .__. *Freezes my ears off*) how are we all doing today?

We've got THREE things to talk about today! The FIRST, which is something I neeeever thought I would experience this year... The Next Reaper has reached 3000 subscribers on Webtoons!! HOLY CRACKERS AND STRAWBERRY JAM!? Wow! Thank you so much, buds! I'll make sure to draw something as a thank you for this (as soon as my head stops spinning over all the preparations that are going on now, right before Christmas and all...) Once again, huge thanks :) Both me and Jimp are more than grateful to know that you appreciate the comic this much c': If you want to join us on Webtoons you can find The Next Reaper by following the link below!

As for the page itself we went back to an old location! You remember page 15? It's quite fun to go back and compare and see how quick one can grow better as an artist in such short time! It's one of the biggest motivations that I use when making new pages :)

And the Fan Art December contest continues! Remember that there are some great prizes in there, especially to all of you who are also making projects that you want people to take more notice of :) I'll hand you the link to the contest right here. Come on now, don't be shy. Take it, buddy :3 *Gives you the link to the contest* There we go ^^

Stay awesome now, our sweet fellow goats and shrimps!

- Jet Da Loving Goat & Jimp the "Trying-To-Be-Better-Than-Jet-In-Pokemon-Go-But-That's-Never-Gonna-happen" Shrimp

December 9th, 9.30 P.M

Contest time! - Fan Art December is here!

Snow Goats and Gingerbread Shrimps! How are we all doing today?

December is here and we're kicking off with our annual FAN ART DECEMBER CONTEST! Put on the glittering contest socks! Have some hot coco and let that creativity of yours RUN FREE! (... Have I been eating too much sugar today? Feeling a bit TOO excited over here... But that could simply be because I know how awesome you guys are, and that I CAN'T WAIT to see what you'll come up with!)
You can find out more about the contest on our DeviantArt page (link below) and yuss, I'm ready. I've strapped myself down hard in the chair so I won't get blown away by your awesome entries!

As for the page this week, a rather short one. BUT! Things are about to start for realz now and if I get the time this month I'll try to release some pages faster than normal (but we all know how it is in December... Rushing with everything. I've actually bought all the x-mas gifts already tho, aha! First time ever that I'm in time \o/)

Stay fierce now buds, and keep on rockin'!

- Jet Da "December-Is-A-Crazy-Month" Goat & Jimp the Little Reindeer Shrimp

December 2nd, 10.00 P.M

Mad daddy! - Beautiful fan art recieved and a new page ready to read!

Sugar Goats and Salty Shrimps! How are we all doing today?
A really quick description text this week since the page should have been up an hour ago *tehehe* Hey, HEY! I've got a good explanation to this! Been working on a side project like craaaazy these last couple of days. Just had the time to finish page 58 for around 2 hours ago *pahhhh, sweaty goat* I DID IT!
Huge thanks to TRV-Comics for her fan art drawing of Grim! This totally made fall off the chair, a true masterpiece! You can watch a speedpaint video by following one of the magical links below to YOUTUBE!

More pages are coming soon so stay TUNA! ... I mean... Stay tuned...? Yah know what I mean! (hopefully) *Too tired right now*

- Jet Da "Drinking-too-much-soda-late-at-night-makes-me-spin-around-in-my-chair" Goat and Jimp the "Black-Friday's-are-killing-me" Shrimp

November 25th, 11.30 P.M

Do you want to advertise your own comic? - New page up and info about advertising your comic!

Skeleton Goats and Corn Shrimps! How are we all doing today?

Another week, another pageru. Grim speaks! He sure cares for his father, our new little reaper.

We have a new thing running on Webtoons and Tapastic! If you want to advertise your own comic with a picture and link directly after every new page of The Next Reaper, just send me a mail at jetdagoat@hotmail.com and we'll talk more :)

Working on a brand new project in school that I'm looking forward to show you, buds! That's pretty much everything I do these days. So... I don't have too much else to report on here... REMEMBER TO EAT YOUR VEGETABLES AND STAY NICE TO KITTENS!

Stay awesome now and keep on rocking!
- Jet Da "Jimp-Was-Kind-Enough-To-Send-Me-Cash-So-I-Could-Buy-Myself-Some-Friday-Candy" Goat & Jimp the "Making-Sure-Jet-Gets-The-Sugar-Needed" Shrimp

November 18th, 9.00 P.M

Oops. - A new page of The Next Reaper is released!

November goats and Autumn Shrimps! How are we all doing today?

What is it that the old saying says? "The more you fight each other the more you secretly like that person"? I THINK it was something like that, m'yes...

The first wallpaper is now available on Patreon! Huuuge thanks to Wicked Hero, Shattered Reaper, Jesper Pastrana and Timmy Rush for being our Patrons and for helping us out :)

Stay fierce now, buds! And keep on rocking!
- Jet Da Fishing Goat & Jimp the Tuna Shrimp

November 11th, 8.00 P.M

It's KITTEN TIME! - See the photos from Comic Con 2016!

Fellow Goats and Kitten Shrimps! How are we all doing today?
Grim had a SWEET time at Comic con in Stockholm the other day! (I think he might have a crush on Hello Kitty... Or that might be me actually) Ended up having two interviews, one with the cool team from SeePlay Productions and the other one with the awesome crew from Comixpodden in front of a live audience! Already looking forward to next year ^^

*Whispers* I (Jet) gave Hello Kitty a kiss... *Giggles and runs around in a circle*

Stay fabulous now buds! And see you soon!
- Jet Da Kissing Goat & Jimp the Reaper Shrimp

November 6th, 2.00 P.M

Death is still KICKIN' - A new page with good old faces!

Comic Goats and Con Shrimps! How are we all doing today?
Yesterday Grim entered the GREAT and MIGHTY *drum roll* ... COMIC CON! Had two interviews and took a loooot of cool photos that will be up on our Facebook page in a day so feel free to join us on there and check them out!

And yes. Death is still alive. You thought he was gone? No, bud... We won't get rid of that old dragon that easily.

Ohh, and I have to brag a little here *Puts on the proud looking face* I went to the dentist the other day and guess what? ... NO HOLES! The dentist even gave me a purple toothbrush because I'd taken so good care of my teeth (22 years old and I'm still getting gifts when I visit the dentist. I never want to grow up \o/). Now look at that, huh? Even GOATS can have good dental hygiene!

Stay fierce now and keep rocking and rolling!
- Jet Da "Eating-Lots-Of-Candy-Because-There's-A-Whole-Year-Left-Until-I-Need-To-Visit-The-Dentist-Again" Goat & Jimp the cute shrimp

November 5th, 11.00 P.M

Happy Halloween! - And hello, Grim!

Pumpkin Goats and Bat Shrimps! How are we all doing today?

Welcome back to the Underworld! Have you missed our trio? I bet you wanted to stay with Life in Heaven, didn't you?
Buds, listen to this... On the 30th of October... it's one year ago since we first started this adventure! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, The Next Reaper! Already turning one year old, ack *cries* they grow up so fast...
We want to thank EACH and EVERYONE of you for supporting us and for leaving all the amazing comments and feedback during this first year! The comic wouldn't be much without you, buds. So thank you very much :) *bows deeply. Bows too deeply. Falls into the mess of carved Halloween pumpkins*

Thank you all for always being there and showing us that you're enjoying the adventure =] Oh my... I'm getting all emotional over here *wipes away another tear*

Have a HORRORFUL (and happy :3) Halloween now, friends!
- Jet Da Candy Goat & Jimp The Apple Shrimp

October 27th, 10.00 P.M

Bye, bye, Heaven. - Next week we return to the Underworld!

Winter Goats and Mitten Shrimps! How are we all doing today?

Life is running around in circles and Saint Peter is too scared to talk. Just another day in our world after the apocalypse! And with this, we end our visit in Heaven and say "bye bye" to Life and Saint P! *waves goodbye for now*

This means that we'll FINALLY get back to the Underworld next week! OH MY FINGERS HAVE BEEN ITCHING FOR THIS!
"But Jeeet, didn't you say just a few days ago that there were TWO pages left in Heaven and not one?"
I sure did, bud. Now, the simple explanation to this is very simple.... I couldn't wait anylonger. I decided to COMBINE the last two pages of Heaven into one simply so I could start drawing on Death, Shapeless and Grim again. Sometimes that's reason enough, right?

Oh and heeeey! For all of you who havent heard the NEWS: The Next Reaper is now finally on Patreon! YAAY! We've collected a lot of fierce rewards for you buds, so if you're enjoying the comic and want to help us out it would rock the world to have you becoming a part of our Patron-Goat family :3

That's it for now! Thank you so much for everything and see you in 7 days c: *Not creepy "The Ring" reference at all*
- Jet Da Pumpkin Goat & Jimp the Cucumber Shrimp

October 21th, 9.00 P.M

It's time to hand out the EXTRA MATERIAL! - PATREON page up running, chat with co-writer Jimp on WEBTOONS and watch some Next Reaper on Youtube!

Patron Goats & Bonus Shrimps! How are we all doing today?

Yes! It has finally happened! FINALLY we've got ourself our very own Patreon page! *Balloons and confetti all over* We've spent the last four weeks trying to come up with as many cool rewards for you as possible, so please check it out if you want access to early pages, behind the scenes material, special designed wallpapers and more goodies!

Aight, so what happens in this page? RAGE AND THUNDER! Ladies and gentlegoats, meet Rage's electrifying children! Sparkylicious, aren't they? *What's up with all these words?*
Soul on this page can be found in the second panel, and is no one else but the awesome Anola! Sent to me and Jimp by her super fierce mother Desiree, who is one of our lovely readers on Webtoons.com! Big thanks to everyone who sent in their photos to appear in the comic, more things like this will happen again so keep your eyes open :)

And speaking of Webtoons: My wonderful co-writer Jimp the Shrimp will now be active on Webtoons.com and help me answer your comments! So if you want to have a chat with not just me, but Jimp as well, then head over to webtoons.com and subscribe for more shrimps!

Last but not least, HUGE huge thanks to Unicornstar Light on Youtube for making a super cool comic dub trailer of The Next Reaper! Hopefully we will get to see much more of this so head over to her channel, subscribe and give her all the likes and love you can :)

PHEW a lot of stuff going on now, buds. Thank you for all the support, me and Jimp love you more than you can ever imagine!

Stay fierce and see you soon ^u^
- Jet Da Pepsi Goat and Jimp the Max Shrimp

October 16th, 9.00 P.M

October 28 is the date! - Even MORE souls, early page, bonus archive on Tapastic and a set date for Grim, Shapeless and Death to return!

Autumn Goats and Sandwich Shrimps! How are we all doing today?

Wowzers! I've got a lot of stuff to share with you buds today! First of all: Grim, Shapeless and Death will be back the 28th of October! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!
Since we've got three more pages to go until we leave Heaven this means we're going TWO PAGES A WEEK until then! (yes, that's the answer to "Why do you upload the new page on a Tuesday, you crazy goat?")

Both me and Jimp want to thank you so much for all your patience, so we decided to create a little bonus archive by the name "Jet's Archive" on Tapastic! We'll keep you updated with a bunch of bonus stuff on there, such as extra comics, posters, character designs and more! Feel free to subscribe if you want more of... well... everything! Right now you can find a short extract from The Next Reaper in Jet's Archive, starring both Grim and Shapeless :)

And thank you so much to all of the souls in this page! From left to right: CollapsingKing, Malcom129, Marijana, EillaThePortalMaker and Victoria. You are now forever a part of The Next Reaper!

Ahhh, I'm so sorry for the rushed writing, buds. I've got a bunch of things to do and I'm hungry and thirsty and I simply don't know where to start! *Spinning around in circles*

See you with a new page soon!
- Jet Da Running Goat & Jimp the Relaxed Shrimp

October 11th, 9.30 P.M

What is she talking about? - More souls, Grim FANART and exciting news about next week!

Sugar goats and soul shrimps! How are we all doing today?

I FINALLY got to draw some more of you buds this week! The souls in this page are Sofija, Ashlyn Barnard, AsHwani KuMar and Jezzarat. Thank you so much for sending in your photos! It was a pleasure turning you into corrupted dead ones *evil goat smirk*. More pages featuring you guys will come already next week, so be prepared to hopefully see yourself in SOUL FORM!

And many thanks to LaDarkA117 on Deviantart for sending me an adorable drawing of Grim! I'm jealous of that long scarf... I need it. It's starting to get cold here in Sweden ._.

Next week will also hopefully be a TWO PAGES week! What is it that Life is talking about? What is she hearing...? *cliffhanger music playing loudly* stay tuned to find out!

Stay fabulicious now and see you soon!
- Jet Da Cliff Goat and Jimp the Hanger Shrimp

October 7th, 9.00 P.M